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Thursday, January 27, 2005

AHA! THE LAND BEFORE MEMOGATE. Yesterday’s OpinionJournal has an article entitled “Memogate Prequel,” discussing an episode involving Democratic staffers reading the memos of Republican staffers on the House International Relations Committee.

This incident is particularly enlightening in view of the ongoing investigation by a federal prosecutor concerning former Senate Judiciary Staffer Manuel Miranda’s discovery of Democratic strategy memos through a computer glitch in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s computers. The memos were extremely embarrassing to the Senate Democrats—and to Ted Kennedy and a few others, in particular—because it showed their collusion with leftwing groups who sought to block the confirmation of certain judicial nominees. Race was a stipulated reason for the rejection of some of the nominees.

Here’s the kicker about that earlier incident, as it concerns the Memogate incident:
After a quiet internal investigation, [Reps. Ben Gilman and Lee Hamilton] concluded that no House rules had been broken, fixed the computer system and told the Democratic staffers to stop snooping.

Yet, the federal prosecutor’s investigation continues.

Note: Memogate is not to be confused with Filegate, nor with Rathergate (which, to add to the confusion, did involve fake memos).

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