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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

FROSTY ENDORSES WILLINGHAM. I was just watching Northwest Cable News and the sports' segment featured retired (but not tired) PLU football Coach Frosty Westering. Among other things, Frosty described the UW Huskies new football coach Tyrone Willingham as a special kind of man and the one who would get things turned around for the UW.

An endorsement by Frosty speaks volumes to Willingham's character. I'm looking for him to do big things at the UW!

(Lake Chelan, WA)
AGAIN, STILL EVEN MORE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS IN KING COUNTY'S BALLOT COUNTING, CONTINUED... "King County Numbers Don't Add Up" is the title of an informative post by Stefan Sharkansky over at Sound Politics. Be sure to check it out. Stefan has run an outstanding site and is to be commended for all of his work in this. His work shows the blogosphere at its very best--counteracting Old Media bias/laziness and given the straight where the Old Media can't/won't.

(Lake Chelan, WA)
OLD MEDIA ON THE RETREAT. Not to be missed is Hugh Hewitt's latest Weekly Standard column, "A Unified Theory of the Old Media Collapse." The blogosphere that Hewitt has so successfully been trumpeting is growing in influence and is serving as the much-need corrective to Old Media bias/laziness. This column comes out with less than a month to go before the release of Hewitt's new book, Blog. Instapundit has an online review of the book, which I greatly look forward to reading and reviewing.

Hewitt's recent suggestion that Old Media reporters make some disclosure as to their backgrounds and respective viewpoints is particularly interesting. Of course, the vehement reaction it has apparently spawned is none too surprising. Often times, Old Media folks are interested in critically examining everything but themselves and their own work.

(Lake Chelan, WA)

Monday, December 27, 2004

ATTAWAY FROSTY! Page C7 of the yesterday’s edition of The Seattle Times features a blurb by Blaine Newnham about retired PLU football coach Frosty Westering. (Alas, I could not find the short article online.)

The first bit of good news is that Frosty’s November back surgery appears successful. It comes as no surprise that many of the nurses at his hospital treated him to an “attaway” cheer before he went in for the procedure. One of the things that always impressed me about Frosty is that his approach to coaching football isn’t really so limited—in fact, it’s his approach to all of life. The man truly lives it out, and it’s inspiring.

(I still recall seeing him giving an “attaway” on the floor of the Washington State House of Representatives over the closed-circuit TV when I was working in the Senate. The team was in Olympia to be honored for their victory in the NCAA Division III National Championship game, back in 1999. Frosty was breaking all House protocols, of course--throwing little plastic PLU footballs to the legislators on the House floor. The whole scene had caused a commotion around the nearby TV, and so I raced over to the capitol building to see it all for myself. On the way, the place was all abuzz with talk about "Frosty" and how "the Lutes are here!")

Another bit of good news in yesterday's article is that Frosty plans on finishing his NEW book The Strange Secret of the Big Time. I greatly enjoyed his first book, Make the Big Time Where You Are, and so I’m simply going to have to re-read it in anticipation of his new work. Actually, I have a good guess at SOME of the content of his forthcoming book, as Frosty seemed to have been at the height of a creative burst of ideas when I was part of the team—back in ’98.

A busy schedule kept me from seeing all but one PLU game this season. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing the team in action on plenty of occasions next season, with Scott Westering ably coaching the Lutes.

(Lake Chelan, WA)

Sunday, December 26, 2004

WITH A WIN, THEY’RE IN. With Trent Dilfer at the helm, the Seattle Seahawks topped the Arizona Cardinals 24-21. Shawn Alexander had yet another excellent game on the ground. The team now has a magic number of 1 for the NFC West Championship and landed home-field advantage in the NFL Playoffs. Either a loss by the St. Louis Rams in their final two games or a Seattle victory against the Atlanta Falcons next week will get them the NFC West Champsionship.

Granted, the Seahawks have had their share of letdowns this season--and neither the beginning nor the end of today’s game were particularly easy to watch--but the playoffs are the playoffs. The team is in and I’m still hopeful that they will work more of their issues out in the last game and really turn things up in the first round.

(Lake Chelan, WA)

(Lake Chelan, WA)