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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

PRESIDENT BUSH PROCLAIMS VICTORY! This afternoon's speech by President Bush to his supporters in the nation's capitol was truly exciting to watch and listen to. The War Agasinst Terrorism will go forward, the important tax cuts will be protected, and judges committed to the rule of law will continue to be appointed to the federal bench. With a record number of popular votes, this re-election victory is sweet indeed.

(Downtown Seattle, WA)
KERRY CONCEDES... I just watched Sen. John Kerry's speech to his Boston audience, conceding the election to President Bush. Though Senators Kerry and Edwards were characteristically fuzzy in defining their message and vision and Sen. Kerry was perhaps a little long-winded, it was a nice speech that he gave.

This is an exciting morning with the sun shining here in Seattle. President Bush's victory speech is still to come!!!

(Downtown Seattle, WA)
POWERLINE'S TRIBUTE TO HUGH HEWITT. Be sure to check out this post, over at Powerline Blog, praising law professor, author, radio talk show host and blogger-extraordinare Hugh Hewitt. Hugh really has moved into the forefront as a powerful, level-headed and practical (and perhaps prophetic) voice in politics.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)
THE PARTY BEGINS... One THRILLING evening was to be had in Bellevue for the King County Republican Party. It was truly a Republican Party Party. Councilman Rob McKenna declared victory in the race for Washington State Attorney General. Sheriff Dave Reichert spoke to the crowd, expecting a victorious outcome in his race for the Eighth Congressional District Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. (I had the pleasure of meeting the man before the Seahawks game last Sunday.) Dino Rossi also addressed the audience, with the outcome of his VERY CLOSE race still to be determined.

Secretary of State Sam Reed and Commissioner of Public Lands Donald Sutherland appear to be cruising to their re-election victories, as is Justice Richard Sanders. And--I'm quite pleased to say--Jim Johnson is out in front in his race for the Washington State Supreme Court.

Many familiar faces were in the audience in Bellevue this night, including the sensational Stefan Sharkansky, blogging about the event from the internet café on Sound Politics.

The President is now reported to have as many as 269 electoral votes. That is all he needs to send the election to the U.S. House for the tie-breaker. This would indeed be an extraordinary occurrence, but I think it more likely he will carry the day in one of the state’s that has not yet been called. Plus, we still await the counting of many absentee and provisional ballots.

Finally, how about JOHN THUNE?! This is GREAT news! Hugh Hewitt has been pulling for this guy for the longest time—and he was right all along. After a razor-thin loss to Tim Johnson in 2002 under some shady circumstances, Thune comes through in a TRIUMPH in South Dakota. Welcome to the upper house in Washington, D.C., Senator-elect Thune!!!

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)
THE PRESIDENT NEEDED ME! And I answered the call. Well, I played my small, bit part, at any rate. On election night I visited 18 different polling places in Snohomish County, accompanied by a county prosecutor. Fortunately, things seemed to be in order and nothing remarkable took place. Turnout was high. Many provisional ballots were cast. Many races in Washington State remain close.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)