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Saturday, June 05, 2004


(Everett, WA)

Friday, June 04, 2004

DINO ROSSI -- OUR NEXT GOVERNOR!!! An excellent time was had by everyone in Everett on Wednesday evening at a momentus dinner in support of Sen. Dino Rossi’s run for Governor! Never before, in all of my many years, have the Republicans put forward such a strong candidate.

The bottom line: Dino Rossi will be an excellent governor.

Dino is a super-competent, effective and respected legislator. He is a family-man of a humble upbringing, a self-made success in business, and an all-around nice guy. His integrity, vision, and common sense are precisely what this state needs. We need him in the Governor’s mansion--now.

A balanced budget! A freeze on taxes! Protection for our state’s most vulnerable! Yes, yes, and yes. Dino has already helped to see this through as Chairman of the State Senate’s Ways & Means Committee during the single-biggest budget deficit in our State’s history. The Democrats and the bureaucrats said it couldn't be done. They didn't want it to be done. Dino did it anyway. He proved that one can be fiscally conservative while maintaining a social conscience.

The citizens can't afford the status quo in Olympia.

Two-thirds of Washingtonians feel that our state is headed in the wrong direction. Simply put, our state currently has an environment that is hostile to small businesses. Unemployment is too high. Our economy suffers. We're hurting. We need to fix this mess, and Dino is the man for the job.

Dino's opponents would hurt us--their track records show it.

Christine Gregoire has sold her soul to the special interests. She is the string-puppet of the trial lawyers and labor union bosses. True, she has shown a willingness get tough--but the most vivid examples of this involve her own CYA and mop-up operations. Of course, her personal mop-up operations have spawned mop-up operations of their own, as she’s desperately trying to save herself from further embarrassment in the media over shenanigans in her office. Screw-ups in her office led to a massive judgment against our state, costing our tax-payers several million dollars. After making a silly statement blaming the other party to the suit for her incompetence (as a failed, shameless PR salvage job), her next step was to scapegoat one of the attorneys in her own office. But alas, the scapegoated attorney was not about to take such revolting nonsense, and has since sued the state. So the State taxpayers are now facing another big lawsuit! Did I mention that Gregoire also hired an investigator to look into the initial lawsuit fiasco? But this has only created another fiasco! (Are you picking up the pattern here?) Early on, Gregoire said the investigation was “independent,” but we have documentation of her office trying to influence this investigator that is conclusive enough that Gregoire now claims the investigation never really was “independent.” Of course, there is documentation about her earlier claim that the investigation was “independent.” Consistently inconsistent.

Ron “Tax to the Max” Sims' vision for our state is that of a Tent City on a Hill. Funny thing is, the granola-stomping/misanthropic/WTO-rioting crowd really is a small segment of the population, and those folks really aren’t the sort of “independent” voters a candidate in their right mind would want to reach out to.

Dino is the Washington State's best hope.

Dino’s talk was inspiring. His poll numbers keep raising, his name recognition amongst voters keeps climbing. An underdog with momentum is exactly where a candidate should want to be at this point in the campaign. And what a fun campaign it will be over this summer!

(Downtown Seattle, WA)
A VISIT TO THE SMOKING ROOM... Yesterday evening, while stopping over at my colleague's place, I had the momentous thrill of observing the computer and workstation from which the infamous Greg Piper operates his enjoyable blog--which I frequently find myself referring to.

Perhaps my visit will inspire me to put greater time and effort into the much-neglected blog that I run.

(Downtown Seattle, WA)