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Friday, April 30, 2004

AT LONG LAST... Now--yes, finally now--I am home. And I am still tired of travelling. Few things in the world sound better than sleeping in about now, and for the first time in what seems like weeks I'll get that chance.

AND...I'M BACK! After passing through one, two, three, FOUR states today, I managed to make it back home. A cancelled flight, a crammed limo drive over to Atlanta, or a last-minute change of flights to Salt Lake City with a connection to Seattle have all made for a long, long, long, LONG day. But I'm young and resliliant, right?

Did I mention I'm sick of travelling?

(North Seattle, WA)

Thursday, April 29, 2004

ATLANTA ACCOUNT: After taking care of my business I had the chance to see some sights in Georgia's capitol, ncluding the capitol building itself. It was a beautiful building. The inside had so many paintings it seemed like an art gallery. Plenty of statues were to be found as well. Not to mention all the monuments and memorials to veterans of the Confederacy--of course! The Chambers for the Assembly and the Senate are quite beautiful. Atlanta's capitol building ranks right up there as one of my favorites that I've visited thus far.

The Judicial Building was across the street. Both the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals sit there. City hall is also nearby, but I never went in. You can only take so many airport-like security checks at the door!

I also happened to drive by Turner Field, but just wasn't motivated to go inside. Quite frankly, I was anxious to get back to the hotel and crash, which is what I'm about to do as soon as I finish this very post!

(Montgomery, AL)
PEACH STATE STOP: I'm actually a little surprised by the presence of Washington Mutual in the State of Georgia. Of course, that I find myself sitting in a Starbucks in the middle of Atlanta is a little less surprising. Hopefully, they sell better beer here than in Montgomery.

The drive was about three hours. I had initially feared I would be late, but since I was pushing 80 most of the way over, it all worked out just fine.

But, sad to say, the Braves are out of town, so I can't catch a ballgame. Nonetheless, I did drive by Turner Field. This is indeed a very large town. And it IS muggy--that's the South!

(Atlanta, GA)

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

TOOMEY DOESN'T DEFEAT... Apparently, Sen. Specter survived an oh-so-close primary race with Rep. Toomey, by about 15,000 votes. The situation is grim, but nonetheless we carry on.

(Montgomery, AL)
S'MORE THOUGHTS FROM 'BAMA... Having just finished a small MEAT SUPREME pizza, I’m now at work on my second Sam Adams. While taking care of that, I get to think of the long car drive ahead of me tomorrow. Seeing as I’ll be spending plenty of time in a delightful, tan Pontiac Grand Am (yes, you can laugh), I decided to go to the local Best Buy and get a few CDs to keep me occupied.

An easy choice was the soundtrack to The Passion. I have been meaning to get that for some time. It also added variety. I almost purchased David Gray’s A Century Ends. Both the reason for getting it and the reason for not getting it is the fact that I have heard it before—and very much enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I put it back and purchased a copy of Coldplay’s live CD, as well as the Pet Shop Boys Disco 3. I’ve not listened to anything new from PSB in some time. This was due, in part, to the fact that the last CD of theirs that I got for a friend was very, VERY gay in its lyrical content. Now, I don’t have a problem with homosexuals performing good music. That is all fine and good. Elton John's stuff from the 1970s remains my all-time favorite on 8-track. And if the song is about “love” in some generic sense, I don’t care if homosexuals read something into it particular to their orientation. HOWEVER, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear a song on this album called “Try It (I’m in Love with a Married Man). The general sense that song is conveying isn’t merely “gay.” Rather, its: GAY, GAY, GAY!!! (Taking inspiration from a recent article by John Derbyshire in the Claremont Review of Books.) Even then, I probably wouldn't make any hay about it, but with adultery thrown in on top, it just proves a little too much for me. Sorry, but I’ll keep my attention on the other nine tracks. Its interesting I took a chance on that CD, too. Whereas the original Disco was a cool album, Disco 2 was universally acknowledged as a really lousy collection of tunes.

(Montgomery, AL)
'BAMA TRIP CONTINUES... Once again I find myself in that pizzeria in Montgomery. In the nanosecond it took for my taste buds to process that first sip of Samuel Adams beer, I knew once again just what it was like to taste good beer. God Bless America!

My stay has been marked by warm weather and sunshine. And this time around I managed to remember my digital camera, allowing me to get some pictures of all the buildings I had visited during my prior trip this way.

The folks here continue to talk funny--the same as before. One kind lady even referred to me as a "Yankee" today! Best of all is the fact that I've been carrying around my latest read: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery In America, by Allen C. Guelzo. But I've not exactly been overanxious to tell these polite folks that their ancestors fought on the wrong side of the "War of Northern Agression."

Today I was lucky enough to partake of some fine Southern food for lunch, which included ribs!!!

(Montgomery, AL)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

BASEBALL BREAK: Having finished my work for the day at around 5:30, I took the opportunity to head out to the ballpark here in Montgomery to watch the AA Class Montgomery Biscuits take on the Tennessee Smokies. (Yes, you can laugh.) Montgomery is affiliated with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, by the way.

The stadium, by all appearances, is a new place. It's also a nice place, I might add. The whole park is generally pleasant, with a nice row of skyboxes in a loft area, and with trains passing by in plain sight behind the fence in leftfield.

Having missed lunch today and being very hungry, I promptly made a stop by the concession stands before proceeding to my seat on the first base side. Unfortunately, the beers were all macros. So, Bud and Michelob it was. The first hot dog line was at a virtual standstill for what seemed like eons, so rather than see my entire life flash by my eyes I went over to the generic stand to purchase two "jumbo" hot dogs which, upon close inspection, were actually quite small. In any event, I only helped myself to one of those dogs, as the other I managed to drop on the ground as I headed to my seat. Fortunately, it just did barely miss the shoe of a local fan, with ketchup and mustard splattering everywhere. Even if I'd managed to retrieve the dog in accordance with the seven second rule, I would not have even thought about it. But this did prompt me to find another hot dog stand and get a REAL footlong. Quite delicious. Quite unhealthy.

As for the game...I left after seven, with the Biscuits ahead 8-2. Indeed, that was the final score of the game. The Biscuits struck first with four runs in the second, and a few innings later some dude named Aaron Clark homered to right. Interestingly, the left flield line measures a measley 314 feet.

Plenty of gimmicks between innings and throughout the game. But that is the sort of stuff that makes for mminor league baseball. The Smokies are the AA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, by the way. (I just looked it up.) Both teams play for the Southern League.

There were plenty of attractive young Southern girls at the game, as well.

(Montgomery, AL)

Monday, April 26, 2004

A SPECTER HAUNTING… National Review Online has recent articles here, here, here and here about the biggest Senate Primary race in America, as Sen. Arlen Specter faces off against challenger Rep. Pat Toomey.

If only Sen. Specter were a Republicrat, then I might find a few things redeeming about his politics. Nope. That guy is on the other side.

Seeing no other choice, I actually made a donation to Rep. Toomey’s campaign. The thought of an unaccountable Chairman Specter of the Senate Judiciary Committee was reason enough.

(Montgomery, AL)
STAR WARS STUFF: Just yesterday I was VERY IMPORTANT news about the Star Wars Trilogy DVD release by this extremely cute girl whom I will be taking on a date next Saturday. I’m not going out with her because she told me this, mind you, but this sure doesn’t hurt her cause. The following press release just about brings tears to my eyes…

(Montgomery, AL)

(Montgomery, AL)