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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

'BAMA TOUR CONTINUES... Today's site-seeing stop was at the U.S. Federal District Courthouse for the Middle District of Alabama. To tie it in with yesterday's post, this is the courthouse from which Federal District Judge Myron Thompson held Chief Justice Moore's 10 Commandments monument to be unconstitutional.

The building contains courtrooms and offices for District Court Judges, Bankruptcy Court Judges, as well as some Senior Judges and Ciruit Judges for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. It's a beautiful, five-story building, by the way. There's a nice fountain out front, as well as some nice landscaping around the side.

(Montgomery, AL)
COOP NERDLY ADMISSION ITEM #4 -- I AM A WEIRD AL FAN! This one's been true since I was very little. It still holds true today. Weird Al Yankovic rocks! His music is just too darn funny!

I actually attended one of his shows back in 1996 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, and I thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious! UHF still ranks as one of my favorite comedy films, as well.

Weird Al has been in the news as of late, due to the tragic death of his parents. Like everyone else, my heart goes out to him and his family. I am encouraged to hear that he plans to honor his parents' memory by carrying on with his music.

(Montgomery, AL)

Monday, April 12, 2004

CHECKING IN: At present, I find myself in some small, homey but loud little pizzaria in Montgomery, Alabama. Despite my persistent use of napkins, my fingers spread grease all over the keys of the company laptop. This is my first time using Wi-Fi in an establishment. But I'm quick to use this thing, as I'm the only one with a computer and don't want to appear totally rude and unsocial to these fine Southern folk.

Montgomery is an interesting place. Its a city steeped in Confederate history, while simultaneously the birthplace of much of the Civil Rights Movement. One can find the first "White House" of the Confederacy--occupied by Jefferson Davis--within walking distance from the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church--where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached and began the famous bus boycott.

As always, I took my dear sweet time to walk through a new state capitol. The old capitol building far outshines the one used present. The old is used as a tourist attraction, preserved for visitors. Despite the uses to which that building had, at times, been put, it has much more of a soul to it than the current building.

Of course, I could not resist the urge to visit the Alabama Supreme Court building, the former home to the giant granite monument of the 10 Commandments and other items. There is no sign of the monmument now, save for a display put up by citizens on a wall, featuring the 10 Commandments among such other foundations to our legal system as the the Code of Justinian, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, and the Declaration of Independence.

And it sure is muggy down here!

(Montgomery, AL)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

COOP SPORTS BRAG ITEM #2 – 340 BENCH PRESS! Despite the fact that Saturday was a beautiful day, I managed to drag myself into the gym for my much-anticipated attempt at a new record. The only question in my mind was whether I would shoot for 335 or 340 lbs. Since it had been some time since my last attempt and I have been doing so well on my reps each week, I figured I’d just go for it! And the exciting part is this: I threw it right up! It was much easier than expected.

Now I have a new milestone within my sights…

(Everett, WA)
HAPPY EASTER! And it's a beautiful one that we're having so far...

(Everett, WA)