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Thursday, March 04, 2004

VOMIT STREAK CONTINUES! Yesterday was spent in transit from Seattle to Minnesota. Fortunately, my trusty vomit bag was keeping me company the whole way, since a feeling of sickness hit me like a ton of bricks once I reached SeaTac Airport...not to mention the fact that the pain got so bad on the flight to Chicago that for a few minutes I felt like I was simply going to die. Fortunately, things got better, although I generally felt lousy during the rest of the flight, during the layover in Chicago, and during the trip up to Minneapolis. But above all else, I still have NOT thrown up since the Fall of nineteen-hundred and ninety two. So the streak continues...

Today I felt much better. After making my way back to the hotel after the day's business at the state capitol, I got to feeling a little hungry and headed over to the Mall of America. During my previous two trips to the Twin Cities I'd never bothered to see the place. But, it was just down the street, and like I said--I was hungry!

Anyway, not much to report about the Mall of America. It's just a big, big, BIG mall...except that it has a roller-coaster in the middle of it all. That whole area was named after Snoopy, but much to my disappointment, they did not play the Peanuts' theme. But I did buy myself a brand new black leather jacket at a leather store that was having a going-out-of-business sale. Not to mention the fact that I finally had appetite enough to consume an oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen. I was about to walk into the Barnes & Noble store, but they literally shut the gate right in front of my face.

To continue my narrative in complete disregard of the chronological sequence in which which events transpired, my dinner was at a sport's bar in the mall called "Players." Hmmm... In any event, I decided to have a Foster's to go along with my burger and fries. I decided then and there that Fosters is one lousy beer. Or am I just feeling a little sick still?

(Bloomington, MN)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

DIVERSITY IS GOOD...JUST AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HAVE THE WORD “INTELLECTUAL” IN FRONT OF IT: Sadly, that’s often the case at universities, and law schools, in particular. I bring your attention to recent post by Hadley Arkes over at the Claremont Institute. Arkes is an excellent historian and scholar with a great, logical mind.

The post is about a speaking engagement by Justice Antonin Scalia at Amherst and the controversy that ensued. A key point made by Arkes is as follows:

“…if the presence of a Scalia, for one lecture, on one evening, was not legitimate, it did not require high powers of inference to draw out the implications: it would be quite as illegitimate for someone sharing Scalia's perspectives to be speaking day in and day out as a member of the faculty.”

For the new "tolerance" crowd, free speech really isn't that free.

(Everett, WA)