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Sunday, December 26, 2004

WITH A WIN, THEY’RE IN. With Trent Dilfer at the helm, the Seattle Seahawks topped the Arizona Cardinals 24-21. Shawn Alexander had yet another excellent game on the ground. The team now has a magic number of 1 for the NFC West Championship and landed home-field advantage in the NFL Playoffs. Either a loss by the St. Louis Rams in their final two games or a Seattle victory against the Atlanta Falcons next week will get them the NFC West Champsionship.

Granted, the Seahawks have had their share of letdowns this season--and neither the beginning nor the end of today’s game were particularly easy to watch--but the playoffs are the playoffs. The team is in and I’m still hopeful that they will work more of their issues out in the last game and really turn things up in the first round.

(Lake Chelan, WA)


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