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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

KERRY LOW-CLASS COMMENTS CONTINUE. Sen. John Kerry's comments about Vice President Cheney's daughter from the final Presidential debate were indeed a low-ball attack on a candidate's family. His Campaign Manager made matters worse by calling the Vice President's daughter "fair game." And THEN it was made worse by Sen. Kerry's pathetic rationalization in which he claimed he only mentioned her because it was an example of how a family deals with such a situation. (Uh-huh, we believe you. Really.)

Comes now Ms. Heinz-Kerry, who said that our popular First Lady, Laura Bush, NEVER HELD A REAL JOB! AP (hat tip, Drudge), Hugh Hewitt and Powerline all have posts on this. Really, quite unbelievable, but not for limousine left-liberals.

Keep it up Kerrys and you'll have plenty more time to watch baseball games from Boston...we'll have the Prsident to keep throwing out the first pitches--and get them across the plate, too!

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


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