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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

FUND STILL HOT ON THE TRAIL! Be sure to read yesterday's column by John Fund, available at OpinionJournal. Fund comes through with another DYNAMITE column!

There has been a recent string of attacks and break-ins and Republican offices across the nation. Just after reading his column, word came to me yesterday that a Bush campaign office in Spokane was broken into and vandalized. The Bellevue office has already been burglarized, as Fund notes.

Near the end of his column, Fund makes a plea for an election that will be decided by VOTERS, and NOT lawyers. He goes on to say:

To prevent that the Justice Department needs to step in now and enforce everyone's civil rights. That means protecting campaign workers from intimidation as well as preventing fraudulent votes from canceling out legitimate ballots. Allowing double voting, ballots to be cast from the graveyard and those who have been disqualified because of criminal convictions to dilute the process only calls into question the sanctity of the election itself.


(Downtown Seattle, WA)


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