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Thursday, October 14, 2004

BUSH vs. KERRY III: THE REAL DEAL DEFEATS THE PANDERER. President Bush turned in a solid performance, doing all he needed to do in this debate. He emerged victorious and heads into the final days of the campaign with good momentum. As with this past debate, I followed the debate while watching the running commentary by David Limbaugh and the folks over at The Corner, with a post-debate trip to Hugh Hewitt's blog to view his debate scorecard.

The President was spot on in calling Sen. Kerry for his subordination of America's national security interests to foreign elitists. Indeed, the President rightly chastised Kerry for his "Global Test" and for viewing terrorism as a "nuisance." The best Kerry could muster was cheap shots comparing the President to a TV mob boss or by bringing up Vice President Cheney's daughter in a failed, feeble attempt at a zinger. But, of course, Kerry bit it hard on the marriage issue. You know where the President stands. Kerry waffles.

Also, the personal differences between the two candidates was as stark as their policy differences, as reavealed by their respective discussions of the strong women in their lives. President Bush spoke, as always, from the heart. He speaks this same way in talking about the war and in defending America. When the President speaks about the First Lady and his daughters, you see him as the genuine American he is--as a man you would like to have as a friend and neighbor. Kerry, on the other hand, even appeared rehearsed--if not phony--in his comments on this subject.

By the way, not even the bias implicit in most of Bob Schieffer's questions were able to help Kerry overcome the President in this debate.

Mindy Belz at WorldMagBlog lists some editorial comments on the recent debate, with many commentators concluding that the President won this last debate, putting in his best performance yet.

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