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Thursday, September 02, 2004

THE SWIFTEES, 527s AND (EVEN MORE) ELITE MEDIA BIAS. RealClearPolitics alerted me to an important op-ed by Benjamin Ginsberg that chronicles the massive ties between the Kerry campaign several well-funded 527s that have been so vehemently attacking President Bush. Of course, elite media coverage would have given the average American no idea that such was the case.

Such things can be pretty easy to verify these days. As Ginsberg notes:
When the Bush-Cheney campaign filed a detailed, 70-page complaint detailing illegal coordination by Democrats, the move produced 14 news articles, with no follow-up. When the Kerry campaign filed an unsupportable charge of coordination about the Swift boat ads, there were 74 articles, and the pack swarmed.

(Green Lake--Seattle, WA)


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