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Thursday, September 02, 2004


There are many great commentaries on the Governator's terrific speech from Tuesday.

Robert Moran of National Review Online notes the four things that the average American viewer took away from the speech:
(a) Arnold is positively bullish on America and the American experiment,
(b) Arnold believes we can and will win the war on terror,
(c) Arnold is a Republican, and
(d) Arnold supports George W. Bush.

In the Governator's speech we saw the return of the "girlie men" comment, and his timing was perfect. Larry Kudlow of NRO also has a great column about the Tuesday speech, from a primarily economic angle.

As for the Bush twins, they were a little giggly, but they did their job. The young Ms. Barbara Bush looked extremely attractive, too.

I'll be watching the President's speech, accepting the Republican nomination, at Rob McKenna's party in Bellevue. Paying for parking in downtown Seattle isn't exactly fun, but how can anyone pass up the chance to get some good food, listen to the President with fellow Republicans, and chat with Washington State's next Attorney General?

(Green Lake--Seattle, WA)


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