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Thursday, September 30, 2004

FUND LUNCH WAS FUN! The Puget Sound Federalist Society's luncheon with John Fund was a wonderful time for all, yesterday. Fund is an outstanding journalist, and so I was honored to introduce him to the audience and excited to hear him speak. That he knew of and gave props to me for my Amazon review of his latest book, Stealing Elections, made my week!

Fund spoke about the dangers that lie ahead should we fail to reform our election laws and vote-registration and vote-counting systems. He spoke of the "designed sloppiness" that persists in this area. That such sloppiness woudl be designed reveals his view that there is a conceited attempt to keep our election laws vague and ambiguous. A Q&A session followed his talk, which proved interesting.

If that weren't enough, I had the pleasure of running into Rob McKenna at the lunch event. I told Rob how excited I was about the lastest poll, which shows him ahead in the race for Attorney General. I predict a big win for McKenna!!!

Also, I had the good fortune of sitting at the same table as Justice Richard Sanders, whom I likewise expect will cruise to victory Fall in his re-election bit. Jim Johnson, who was present, also has a very good shot for the State Supreme Court in his respective race, and I'm really pulling for him. In fact, I made an online donation to his campaign following the lunch. BOTH campaigns are worthy of support!

Back to Fund. His September 22 column from "Fund on the Trail" deals with voter identification and election law politics. Fund has had a string of wonderful columns in September, and this one is worth checking out!

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


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