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Thursday, September 30, 2004

BUSH/KERRY DEBATE I: GLOBAL TEST?! I viewed tonights first Presidential debate with great interest, following the instant blogging by the folks over at The Corner. Regardless of what either candidate said, John Kerry's "global test" will echo throughout the remainder of this campaign.

President Bush isn't about fancy delivery, but about something far more importance: decisiveness. The Kerry crowd might claim their man gave some good delivery, but his continued emphasis upon the war that he voted for as a "mistake" and a "divergence" that he will bring to an ultimate victory reveals him to be the indecisive flip-flop we've come to know him as.

Now, back to this "global test." Kerry's has now OUTSOURCED the decision-making for America's national security to foreign elements. This is not only frightening and contrary to our Constitution, it is also a fatal mistake. He will live to regret showing his true colors on this account. It will do him credit with the blame-America-first crowd, but that crowd doesn't win elections. Regardless of what any of the candidates said at this convention. Hugh Hewitt is all over this already. I relish the next few days of commentary on this debate.

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