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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

TECH LIBERATION BLOG. Hat tip to the Heritage Foundation for their plug of a new group blog, headed by Adam Thierer of The Cato Institute, with many other contributors.

There is an interesting little post from yesterday by Thierer--a wish list for a prospective Telecom Act of 2006, entitled "A Simple Framework for The Next Telecommunications Act."

I am particularly partial to Theierer's jurisdicational clarification item that reads: "Sort out the jurisdictional issues and consider a fairly sweeping pre-emption of state and local regulation on this front just as we did when we deregulated airlines, trucking and railroads." Indeed. If telecommunications doesn't amount to interstate commerce, then I'm not sure what does. I've heard George Gilder make this point before, but it appears to be too entirely commonsensical for many political leaders to grasp. Only a faux "federalism" grounded in a paleocon notion of "states' rights" can justify the existing regime, whereby we have 51 governmental authorities regulating telecom. A federal preemption is good policy and sound constitutionally.

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