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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

STILL ALIVE. I was on a forced blogging hiatus, due primarily to work, work and more work, plus some chores and errands. Despite my high hopes for getting something posted yesterday, an early rise and a long day left me wiped out. It didn't help when Delta Airlines lost my luggage, but they gave me a dinner voucher that I used to get a triple cheesburger and a frosty at Wendy's. I was proud of myself for laying off of the fries.

In any event, with jet lag I couldn't help but stay up very late in this dive of a hotel I'm presently staying at. Of course, I didn't intend to stay at a dive, but that's the way it is. Indeed, I found it rather disturbing to find a slug--of all things--in my room last night. This made me quite paranoid for the rest of the evening, so anytime the A/C made a little squeak, I began to think that it might be a rat...running around the room. It would give me the Hanta Virus, I just knew it.

Anyway, I managed to survive the evening and after some bland coffee and the complimentary all-carb breakfast I'm somewhat rejuvinated. The South can get pretty muggy, but the scenery can be just beautiful--particularly so in Georgia. Now, back to work...

(Athens, GA)


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