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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RUDY, RUDY!!! Last night's speech to the Republican National Convention by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guliani was SPECTACULAR! I enjoyed the entire speech, from the first minute to the last. Much of Guliani's speech appeared to be extemporaneous, and the crowd was electrified. It was a heartfelt, genuine speech to the gathered Republicans. In fact, I can't remember a single speech in any party's political convention by someone other than the presidential nominee who was as dazzling.

Hugh Hewitt has described Guliani's speech as a "grand slam," and according to Powerline, "Rudolph Guliani was nuclear." Both blogs link to John Podhoretz's "Stemwinder" op-ed from today's New York Post, which I strongly recommend. Lileks spoke of Guliani's "aggressive graciousness."

As Guliani spoke, I couldn't help but think that he is now a serious contender for 2008. On that point, notes Hewitt: 2008 is not that far off, and lined up for the consideration of the amassed national media and the money men and women are those two, plus Governors Owens, Romney, Pataki and Pawlenty, Senators Allen and Frist, and a couple of cabinet members to be announced.

Very intriguing. In any event, Guliani's electrifying presentation has got this convention off to a fantastic start, and I eagerly look forward to seeing the rest. At this point, it looks as if I won't be around to watch the Governator's speech to the convention this evening. Hopefully, I will be able to catch a repeat.

I think Guliani summed it up with a statement he made to his Chief of Police on 9/11: "Thank God George Bush is our president."

(Green Lake--Seattle, WA)


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