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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

MOVING ALONG. Athens proved a neat little town, but I was not so fortunate to have remained long enough to have sampled its music scene. I did, however, manage to get some dinner at The Globe—a Globe Burger, complete with salad, fries and a dark beer. I understand that the establishment's owner is Athens' own Michael Stipe, singer in R.E.M.

The University of Georgia proved a very nice and very large, and I was much impressed—in spite of the Draconian $40 parking ticket I managed to get stuck with.

Unfortunately, Athens doesn’t have a minor league baseball team, thus depriving me of any chance to catch another game down South. (The Atlanta Braves are out of town at the moment.)
I find the roads here a bit confusing and the mediocre to poor A/C in my car doesn't help. Then again, its not the worst thing in the world to be cruising around in a stylish car--my rented Chrysler 300. Apparently, Thrifty was out of the Dodge Neons, so they upgrade me for a discount. I’ve received several compliments for my ride already. And I'm lucky enough to say that with all the heat down here that the nearly one liter of Diet Dr. Pepper I spilled on the driver's side floor is all dry. The mat and carpet are both dark, so it doesn't even show.

(Atlanta, GA)


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