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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

JUSTICE RICHARD SANDERS RE-ELECTION BREAKFAST! Despite the insanely early hour at which I was required out of the bed, I managed to make it from Green Lake over to the Bellevue Double Tree for a fundraising breakfast for Justice Richard B. Sanders. The re-election site can be found HERE.

As is typical, I ate breakfast before I left home for the breakfast, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a real breakfast at the breakfast. I generously indulged myself on the bacon and eggs, but was proud of myself from holding off on the potatoes.

Plenty of friends were in attendance, and the program began with a superb invocation by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, paying tribute to the good Justice. Soon after, Justice Sanders himself took to the podium, providing the audience with a solid stump speech.

Clearly, liberty has no greater voice in Washington State than in Justice Sanders. Both the Washington State Republican and Libertarian parties have endorsed him, as well as several Republican legislators and even some Democrats. We desparately need to keep this intriguing man and insightful jurist on our State Supreme Court, and he definitely gets my vote.

On the way out the door, just prior to shaking Justice Sander's hand, I had the honor of running into Stefan Sharkansky, of the most excellent Sharkblog. His blog is one I refer to frequently, and not to be missed. Indeed, once I learned of his blog, I almost considered changing the name of my own, simply to avoid any attempt to unfairly ride his coattails or attempt an imitation. Surely, my much-neglected blog has only a miniscule presence in the blogosphere, so I'll keep the name for the time being.

In any event, Stefan informed me that he is now contributing to Sound Politics, a group blog focusing on regional politics. I look forward to following this new blog.

(Green Lake--Seattle, WA)


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