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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

ELECTORAL BACKLASH AGAINST EURO PRESS CONTEMPT FOR PRESIDENT? Victor David Hanson had a very cool piece in Sunday’s OpinionJournal on Europe’s response to the forthcoming Presidential election. His op-ed provides a nice overview of the dynamics of Old Europe’s views about the President, and Hanson zeroes in upon the cultural elitists of the Old World—whom Hanson compares to America’s cultural elite.

He states, in pertinent part:

For a bewildered American, the key in squaring the anti-American rhetoric with the Valley Girl reality is simply to understand Western Europeans as elite Americans. Their upscale leisured culture is not much different from Malibu, Austin and Dupont Circle, that likewise excuse their crass submission to popular American tastes through the de rigueur slurs about the "corporations," "Bush-Cheney," and "Halliburton." Perhaps this notion that Europe itself has become a cultural appendage of the U.S. explains why it views our upcoming election as a referendum on its own future as well.

This statement by Hanson would seem to be in line with the views expressed by many conservative and libertarian intellectuals in the United States who emphasize the growing, multi-national New Left force. Judge Robert Bork emphasizes this phenomenon in his most recent work, Coercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of Judges.

Bill O’Reilley had a couple European guests on his program today, talking about the utter contempt and hatred that the press of Old Europe (and even Britain) has for President Bush and his administration. As O’Reilley correctly pointed out, the European media filter does a tremendous disservice to a continent of people who--save some moneyed folks in France and Germany-- have everything to gain by the prosecution of the war against terrorism and the establishment of a stable, democratic republic in Iraq.

One of the commentators told O'Reilley that the European press didn't like President Bush's pronouncement that in the war on terror, that you were either for us or against us. Well, of course elitists wouldn't like THAT, certainly elitists from the continent that gave us thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Simplistic concepts like good vs. evil are passe, if not signs of barbarism, surviving only in the imaginations of those in the New World who drive around in pickup trucks, drink beer and eat chicken wings.

Back to Hanson's piece. An interesting point is provided in his concluding paragraph:

The European fixation with the upcoming election and rabid hatred of George Bush instead may backfire here at home; indeed, even now European animus acerbates our own growing unease with what we read and see abroad.

Quite so. Kerry is clearly the choice of Old Europe. But is that an endorsement he really thinks the American people find so important, save those Americans on the hard Left—our own members of the internationalist elite?

(Lake Goodwin—Stanwood, WA)


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