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Monday, August 09, 2004

ED-GAR. This evening my Mom informed me that Edgar Martinez, baseball's greatest DH of all-time, will be retiring at the end of this season. (You can read about it here.) Although I am hardly surprised by the announcement, I can't but help feel a sense of sadness as one of my favorite baseball player's calls it a career and will take to the field (or, at least to the batter's box) no more.

It is far from common these days to have such a steady, consistent, and humble player. And it's undoubtedly special in this day and age to have a superstar spend his entire career with one team. Edgar will sorely be missed.

Not wasting any time, I immediately purchased tickets to the Mariners' October 2 game against the Texas Rangers--Edgar Appreciation Night. We still have almost two months to see Edgar at the plate, however sparingly, but I definitely want to be there for his farewell tribute.

Edgar might well be my favorite Seattle Mariner, along with the retired Jay Buhner, who will himself be inducted into the team's Ring of Honor later this month. I'm considering getting tickets to that one...

(Green Lake--Seattle, WA)


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