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Monday, August 30, 2004

DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ELITE MEDIA & THE MEDIA ELITE. This weekend, I had the pleasure of reading a stellar WorldNet Daily column by Hugh Hewitt entitled "The collapse of America's media elite." The elite media's influence on public opinion and the marketplace of ideas is on a rapid retreat--a reatreat forced by 24 hour cable news and by the blogosphere.

As Hewitt notes, blogs like Powerline have been at the forefront of the bloggosphere, and an excellent excerpt from a recent Powerline post is included in the column, so do check it out.

I was particuarly appreciative of Hewitt's analogizing amateur athletes who give all for the love of the game to the amateur journalists of the blogosphere. Bloggers can't simply rest on their laurels. They operate in an exciting, edgy environment. I have long been looking forward to this year's presidential election because I wanted to see just how much of an impact it would have on the contest. Clearly, the Swift Boat Veterans' campaign and Kerry's questionable post-war stories about his time in Vietnam (and Cambodia, for that matter) have come to the forefront in no small part because of some solid work of journalism by bloggers. (I'll have something more comprehensive to say about Kerry and the Swifties in a future post.)

As a follow up, I recommend another fine post Powerline post from today on the democratization of the media, which makes heavy reference to a new column by John Podhoretz--which is also worth a read.

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