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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

BUSH MOVES TROOPS, KERRY CAMP LOOKS SILLY. A good read is today’s opinion column by John Podhoretz in the New York Post, discussing President Bush’s recent decision to gradually move armed services personnel from Europe and Asia back into the United States. As Podhoretz points out, the move makes sense from a strategic (as well as economic) standpoint, is rather limited in scope, and will take place gradually over the next ten years. Particularly interesting is Podhoretz’s discussion of the silly remarks made by the Kerry folks, claiming that removing troops from Germany would undermine national security! Unless Wesley Clark and the rest of the guys know something important that they’ve been keeping from the rest of the public, I’m reasonably confident that Germany in facing no threat of invasion.

Is there an explanation for the reaction from the Kerry camp? According to Podhoretz, “They realize they’ve been trumped. Kerry clearly believed he had hit upon the perfect way to come at the president both from the right and the left when it came to military matters.” As Podhoretz elaborates, Kerry “doesn’t want to appear weak, so he won't say how he's going to do it other than that he will mystically convince foreign leaders who oppose the U.S. presence there to fight the war for us.” But alas, “The hawk of hawks has found a way to tell America that he is bringing soldiers home, even as he vows to stand firm and tough on Iraq until the job is done. What's more, unlike Kerry, Bush has offered specifics, and by doing so has made it clear he is not acting precipitously.”

Podhoretz is author of Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President While Driving Liberals Insane. I’ve been reading his book over the last week, much to my enjoyment. I’ll have more to say on it later.

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