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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

WE CAN'T AFFORD GREGOIRE GOOD DEALS. A fine editorial in today's Seattle P-I points out the absurdity of Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Christine Gregoire's claim that the settlement in the Christine Capps' case was a "good deal" for the taxpayers.

I, for one, am a taxpayer who think's that her assessment couldn't be further from the truth. One might surmise that Gregoire is projecting onto this settlement her own sense of relief, for this settlement might be a "good deal" for her. The electorate and members of the press have been hammering her for costing the state millions by failing to file an appeal before the appropriate deadline and compounding the problem with an independent/non-independent investigation, followed by the scapegoating of Capps. Gregoire might very well be hoping that the fallout from her most recent (botched) mop-up operation will finally be over. I think voters will remember this.

The last thing Washington State needs is a Governor with Gregiore's sense of a "good deal."

(Everett, WA)


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