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Friday, July 16, 2004

MEESE ON SENATE DEMS' OBSTRUCTING ON JUDICIAL NOMINEES.  Be sure to read former Attorney General Edwin Meese's article on National Review Online spotlighting the extreme tactics and blatant hypocracy employed by a Daschle & Leahy-led minority in the Senate. 
Surprisingly enough, the obstructionists' own words contradict themselves.  Here are a couple noteworth remarks Meese documents:
Senator Leahy (D., Vt.): "I have said on the floor, although we are different parties, I have agreed with Gov. George Bush, who has said that in the Senate a nominee ought to get a [floor] vote, up or down, within 60 days." (Congressional Record, Oct. 11, 2000)
Sen. Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.): "We owe it to Americans across the country to give these nominees a vote. If our Republican colleagues don't like them, vote against them. But give them a vote." (Congressional Record, Feb. 3, 1998)
None of this is surprising to those who are all too familiar with the sinister tactics of Senators Leahy and Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Their fillibustering of circuit court of appeals nomineees is uheard of and absurd.  The attacks they've waged in Committee, on the Senate floor and in the press upon those of "deeply held beliefs" (to quote Sen. Charles Schummer) is nothing short of un-American.  As leaders of the identity politics industry, these Senators are consumed by self-righteousness of a most bizarre sort that allows their consciences to justify or dismiss their own discrimination against women, minorities and Catholic adherents to Church's teachings.  The leaked Democratic memo laying out their strategy for blocking those said nominees is just another confirmation of this. 
Also, note Meese's discussion of cloture votes taken in the Senate over the past two years.  The Democratic-led minority in the Senate are true pioneers in obstructionism.  The President has been calling attention to the actions of these Senators once again, and he is certain to continue to do so.  The Senate Democrats' disconnect with the American public persists.  The issue of nominees to the federal judiciary was an imporant issue in the 2002 elections, and the Democrats took a beating for their actions.  But they didn't get the message.  Not to worry, because the American public is ready to send them another.   Be prepared for another Democratic setback this Fall.  Let the Senators Leahy, Kennedy, Schummer and Daschle enjoy their days of obstructionism while they can--because those days won't likely be around too much longer.
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