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Monday, July 12, 2004

MCKENNA: MAN FOR THE JOB. Last Thursday I attended a dinner in Snohomish County for Rob McKenna, who will be an EXCELLENT Attorney General. He’s a skilled, effective, practical leader and we desperately need him for the job.

McKenna’s got the right approach for the job. He’s there to do it, be professional, and serve the people. It’s not about the glamour when you’re AG, but apparently Christine Gregoire’s self-promotion for her tobacco litigation and self-promotion through the pusing of anti-bullying legislation have inspired Deborah Senn--the likely Democratic nominee to face McKenna this Fall. The last thing this state needs is more Senn scorched-earth policies. We’ve seen what she’s done to the insurance business—why let her loose on the rest of business in Washington State?

And there are more important things for an attorney general to do than go on TV playing up tobacco lawsuits and anti-bullying laws. What’s the big accomplishment? The Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) against the tobacco companies would’ve gone through with our without Gregoire. All states but four were part of the MSA. Nobody--not even William Pryor of Alabama--ultimately wanted to leave their state’s smoking taxpayers holding the bag while the $250 billion settlement amount was split between the trial lawyers and state governments that joined the MSA. And while in the fairness of disclosure I must admit that I never had a bullying problem at school (I was already 5’11”, 190 lbs by my freshman year of high school), school-yard bullying as a top priority for the attorney general? Gregoire has been bullying our pocketbooks quite enough with her mishandling of a case that resulting in a $17 million judgment against the state. Senn is set to follow in Gregoire's fact she’s taking to the next level. Think Gregoire on roids!

There are a lot of good folks working in the State AG’s office. But some of the senior, entrenched folks have got to go. McKenna will let the party continue for the entrenched bureaucratic lawyers that place their policy preferences above sound legal advice. Those guys will find themselves fired or reassigned. McKenna will put an end to the case mismanagement we’ve all read about day after day in the papers. And he’ll also eliminate the anti-business agenda that’s taken hold of the office under Gregoire.

McKenna has the momentum. He’s picked up big endorsements and he’s out front on fundraising. We need this man in Olympia. Desparately.

And McKenna is a thoroughly nice guy, too. In other words, there'll be no more battle-axes in the AG's battle-axes on roids.

(Everett, WA)


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