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Thursday, July 15, 2004

BACK IN THE BALLGAME.  Tonight I finally had the chance to watch my first major league baseball game, as I walked over to Safeco after work to watch the Seattle Mariners defeat the Cleveland Indians in a close, 2-1 contest.
Just before I made the trek from near Pike Place & Westlake, through downtown and Pioneer Square to the ballpark, the Mariner website alerted me to the release of solid, veteran and former All-Star John Olerud.  He is a good man and has been a good player of the game for many years, and so its sad to see him go at this point in the season. Nonetheless, I think the management made the right decision.
Fortunately, Edgar Martinez is still around, and I anticipate he will remain for the remainder of the season.  Although its been a pleasure to see and hear about all the milestones he’s achieved this year, its unfortunate that his hitting has been as off as the rest of the team’s.  Yet, I can remember since his early days with Seattle in the late ‘80s, waiting for the team to deal away Jim Pressley and make room for him at third base.  He has been a mainstay of the team, and I have come to appreciate his personality and his playing to such an extent that it would truly bother me to see him leave before the season runs out.
Aside from that, the team is due for an overhaul.  The management apparently banked on last season’s team repeating if not improving their collective performances—but they asked for one year too many from many of the players.  So its time to start anew. 
Tonight’s game sported a lot of young faces in the lineup, and it was the younger ballplayers who came through with the W.  Newcomer Justin Leone hit a two-run blast to left that traveled all of 437 feet.  I look forward to seeing what else he can do over at the hot corner.  Joel Pinero pitched an outstanding game, only giving up a solo homer. 
Omar Vizquel is still playing solid ball after all these years, and even though he left the team before it rose to true competitiveness, its hard not to like the guy.  His average is almost at .300 and he still has control on defense out from shortstop.  I’ll admit that I’ve been so out of it this season when it comes to Major League Baseball, the American League and the Mariners, that if you had told me Omar had retired at the end of last season, I probably would have believed you.  (It's embarrassing to admit that I've been so absent concerning the game I grew up on and which I played for almost a dozen years.)
In any event, the evening was beautiful and it was a great night for a ballgame.  It was low-scoring, but it went by fast and I got to enjoy a Red Hook from the stands.  This was but the first game I've yet seen this season, but there will be plenty more and I have a couple more minor league games in mind--that's what Summer is all about.  God Bless America.
(Everett, WA)


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