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Monday, July 12, 2004

AMAZING SPIDERMAN AMAZES IN SPIDERMAN 2. This weekend I had a chance to watch Spiderman 2. I found it very entertaining; on par with its predecessor, if not better. Given the hardships inherent in producing a sequel of any kind, I consider Spiderman 2 a big success. Granted, this movie IS based on a comic book, but it clearly succeeds in doing it was meant to do—most movies based upon comic books, by contrast, are absolutely abysmal. In my view, these two Spiderman movies (along with a third installment that appears inevitable) will likely become the best series of movies based upon a comic book…ever.

Dr. Octopus was in interesting character, and the makers of the film wisely refrained from going too over-the-top with him. Doc Oc really would have been much less interesting if he had had an OUTRAGEOUS accent. From my recollection, Mary Jane’s bit seemed much shorter in this film, although I could be mistaken in that. Aunt May and Peter Parker/Spiderman were also very likeable.

Personally, I thought the scenes with Spidey swinging across the night cityscape looked awesome. Props are in order for John Dykstra on that score. (He also has to his credit the special effects from the original Star Wars.)

But the movie would have gone nowhere without its story, which I did like. No spoilers here, in unlikely event that a member of the reading audience may not have seen it. But I will say that it was entirely refreshing to see a hero who acts like a hero. We’ve had far too many movies with anti-heroes, or guys who supposed to be the good guys but who act like bad guys.

This one is definitely a BUY on DVD!

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Coop’s Interesting Spidey-Related Factoid #1: Even though I have a general hatred for spiders, I’ve liked Spiderman ever since I was little.

Coop’s Interesting Spidey Related Factoid #2: After mentioning the movie to my father, he reminded me that when I was 3 or 4 years old that I frequently used to go to sleep in my Spideyman bunny suit.

Coop’s Interesting Spidey-Related Factoid #3: During my time as an editorial artist for the Seattle University Spectator, I submitted a cartoon for the A&E page called “Spiderman Battles Lawndarto”, in which our hero battles an evil villain with a top hat-wearing, handlebar mustache-sporting thrower of dangerous lawn darts! For some STRANGE reason, they never published the cartoon.

Coop’s Interesting Spidey-Related Factoid #4: I actually took a girl on a date to see this movie with me. She was startled during a couple surprising scenes in the movie, grabbing onto my arm. It made me feel like a low-level superhero.

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