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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Velvet Revolver. The new supergroup Velvet Revolve released their new CD, and I picked up a copy. Combining Stone Temple Pilots’ former front-man Scott Weiland plus the whole band of Guns ‘n Roses minus Axyl, the lineup proved too intriguing for me to pass it up. This is one loud, rockin’ album. One negative Amazon review I read described it as uninspiring. I don’t think that is the case, as on the whole I found it a good listen in my truck with the windows down when I’m on the go. I was never really a STP fan and didn’t listen to GNR all THAT much back in the day, so its not as if I had tremendous expectations here. Granted, the album isn’t as melodic as some of GNR’s stuff, but the opening tracks rock, the first single cooks, and there’s some good stuff throughout. I’ll admit that I tried locating the “clean” version of the album, but with little luck at the local Best Buy. Personally, I was trying to decide if my attempts to track it down expose me as a wimp. Then again, I simply like to avoid publicly blaring songs where the singer makes frequent recourse to the F-word. Of course, I didn’t notice all that much cursing anyhow.

Morrissey. The Moz’s big comeback album was one I couldn’t pass up (as opposed to his last two full-length album flops, which I avoided like the plague). The album’s alright. The main single, Irish Blood, English Heart, is good track. Needless to say, Morrissey’s politics are absurd, but then so is the man himself. It fits.

Jem. I mentioned I bought her album a while back. As I recall, “pleasant” is the word I used to describe it. Well, I’m not changing my mind, but I’ve since decided that it’s more of a girly album.

The Cure. If I’m not mistaken, their new album is now out. I should’ve picked it up this evening. I’m definitely going to do so by Thursday. I'll have more to say once I've given it a listen.

(Everett, WA)


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