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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

COOP NERDLY ADMISSION ITEM #5 -- I'M A CAPTAIN AMERICA COMIC BOOK SUBSCRIBER! Truth, justice and the American way! What could be better? Here you've got a tough, strong guy who fights for order and liberty while maintaining that Boy Scout sort of image. He stands at 6'2". Sound familiar? (The insinuation is not meant to be taken too seriously.)

In the recent past, this item is not so much nerdly as it is embarrassing, since the Cap writers at Marvel have bought into the "Rage Against The Machine" version of the United States of America--only worse. Michael Medved chronicled this in a piece last year, and a new article in National Review picks up on a similar theme in Superman. There you've got an alternate universe with Superman as a Commie! Sounds quite interesting, actually. Unfortunately, when there's an undercurrent of anti-Americanism running through it, one is naturally distracted from an otherwise intriguing and fun plotline.

Recent issues of Captain America seem a little more promising. In particular, there is a story arc involving a military tribunal in Guantanamo, in which Cap is himself is asked to sit on. While the first issue or two had me interested, in my recent move my subscription has become messed up and I'm missing the issues that continue the story! I'll just have to order them and see if the story proves to be satisfying.

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