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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

S'MORE THOUGHTS FROM 'BAMA... Having just finished a small MEAT SUPREME pizza, I’m now at work on my second Sam Adams. While taking care of that, I get to think of the long car drive ahead of me tomorrow. Seeing as I’ll be spending plenty of time in a delightful, tan Pontiac Grand Am (yes, you can laugh), I decided to go to the local Best Buy and get a few CDs to keep me occupied.

An easy choice was the soundtrack to The Passion. I have been meaning to get that for some time. It also added variety. I almost purchased David Gray’s A Century Ends. Both the reason for getting it and the reason for not getting it is the fact that I have heard it before—and very much enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I put it back and purchased a copy of Coldplay’s live CD, as well as the Pet Shop Boys Disco 3. I’ve not listened to anything new from PSB in some time. This was due, in part, to the fact that the last CD of theirs that I got for a friend was very, VERY gay in its lyrical content. Now, I don’t have a problem with homosexuals performing good music. That is all fine and good. Elton John's stuff from the 1970s remains my all-time favorite on 8-track. And if the song is about “love” in some generic sense, I don’t care if homosexuals read something into it particular to their orientation. HOWEVER, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear a song on this album called “Try It (I’m in Love with a Married Man). The general sense that song is conveying isn’t merely “gay.” Rather, its: GAY, GAY, GAY!!! (Taking inspiration from a recent article by John Derbyshire in the Claremont Review of Books.) Even then, I probably wouldn't make any hay about it, but with adultery thrown in on top, it just proves a little too much for me. Sorry, but I’ll keep my attention on the other nine tracks. Its interesting I took a chance on that CD, too. Whereas the original Disco was a cool album, Disco 2 was universally acknowledged as a really lousy collection of tunes.

(Montgomery, AL)


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