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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

SCREW THEM? For an example of an outrageous and highly offensive blog post, check out what Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, otherwise known as "Daily Kos," wrote on his blog following some recent American deaths in Iraq.

Aside from presenting a picture of pure leftist nonsense, that post also points to a blogging pitfall: many bloggers with emotional insecurity and impulsive tendencies just can't resist the urge to write inflammatory and embarrassing posts, the contents of which they would not likely send in a letter or speak to someone over the phone or in person. What is the explanation? Do such bloggers feel almighty in front of their computer screens? Or do they feel helpless and unable to do anything about events in the world and rant as a catharsis?

Whatever the case may be, such bloggers--caught up in irrationality--seem to forget that one must be careful when publishing material TO THE WHOLE WORLD--and without the benefit of any editorial input, at that. Once you send up a post you're not going to be able to take those words back, and I am of the view that many bloggers don't take that into account when they blog. It should be interesting to see how impulsive and reckless blogging will affect the careers of many up-and-coming folks. To commit to the blogging world all of your thoughts--be they clearly and cogently thought out or not--on all of the major issues of the day can be an unwise thing. Benjamin Franklin was known for his hesitancy in assigning his name to writings, and I think that many of those partaking of the blogging phenomenom would do well to take a bit of Poor Richard's wisdom to heart.

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