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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

CAVITY CREEPS! This afternoon’s lousy news is that I have not one but two cavities. However, my good dentist tells me that they are both very small. But cavities are cavities nonetheless.

Now, I’m very fortunate in life, in that my God-given teeth are, on the whole, quite excellent. All are in place and they’re very straight. I’m often asked if I ever wore braces. The answer to that question, I’m pleased to say, is NO. In fact, my aforementioned dentist once said that if everyone had teeth like mine that he’d be a park ranger.

Well. I’m now due for a couple of fillings. I went with the silver over the purple-colored ones. Go figure. My suggestion to the dentist was that he go ahead and give me some pre-emptive fillings so I never have to make any trips back to him for more. When he counted with “dentures” as a way of avoiding fillings altogether, I hastily dropped my suggestion.

In the second grade, my class was subjected to a cartoon film about a group of crusading tooth-brushers defending the tooth-like walls of their fair city from the evil forces of THE CAVITY CREEPS. (Spooky stuff!) Unfortunately, some of the tooth-brusher kids were neglectful of their duties on Tooth 12 and the Cavity Creeps attacked--and did they ever! So, after my dreaded appointment early next month, one can only hope that the tooth patrol will be hard at work to fend off the cavity creeps from my own set of precious teeth.

(Everett, WA)


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