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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

BASEBALL BREAK: Having finished my work for the day at around 5:30, I took the opportunity to head out to the ballpark here in Montgomery to watch the AA Class Montgomery Biscuits take on the Tennessee Smokies. (Yes, you can laugh.) Montgomery is affiliated with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, by the way.

The stadium, by all appearances, is a new place. It's also a nice place, I might add. The whole park is generally pleasant, with a nice row of skyboxes in a loft area, and with trains passing by in plain sight behind the fence in leftfield.

Having missed lunch today and being very hungry, I promptly made a stop by the concession stands before proceeding to my seat on the first base side. Unfortunately, the beers were all macros. So, Bud and Michelob it was. The first hot dog line was at a virtual standstill for what seemed like eons, so rather than see my entire life flash by my eyes I went over to the generic stand to purchase two "jumbo" hot dogs which, upon close inspection, were actually quite small. In any event, I only helped myself to one of those dogs, as the other I managed to drop on the ground as I headed to my seat. Fortunately, it just did barely miss the shoe of a local fan, with ketchup and mustard splattering everywhere. Even if I'd managed to retrieve the dog in accordance with the seven second rule, I would not have even thought about it. But this did prompt me to find another hot dog stand and get a REAL footlong. Quite delicious. Quite unhealthy.

As for the game...I left after seven, with the Biscuits ahead 8-2. Indeed, that was the final score of the game. The Biscuits struck first with four runs in the second, and a few innings later some dude named Aaron Clark homered to right. Interestingly, the left flield line measures a measley 314 feet.

Plenty of gimmicks between innings and throughout the game. But that is the sort of stuff that makes for mminor league baseball. The Smokies are the AA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, by the way. (I just looked it up.) Both teams play for the Southern League.

There were plenty of attractive young Southern girls at the game, as well.

(Montgomery, AL)


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