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Thursday, April 29, 2004

ATLANTA ACCOUNT: After taking care of my business I had the chance to see some sights in Georgia's capitol, ncluding the capitol building itself. It was a beautiful building. The inside had so many paintings it seemed like an art gallery. Plenty of statues were to be found as well. Not to mention all the monuments and memorials to veterans of the Confederacy--of course! The Chambers for the Assembly and the Senate are quite beautiful. Atlanta's capitol building ranks right up there as one of my favorites that I've visited thus far.

The Judicial Building was across the street. Both the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals sit there. City hall is also nearby, but I never went in. You can only take so many airport-like security checks at the door!

I also happened to drive by Turner Field, but just wasn't motivated to go inside. Quite frankly, I was anxious to get back to the hotel and crash, which is what I'm about to do as soon as I finish this very post!

(Montgomery, AL)


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