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Monday, March 29, 2004

SOME REFLECTIONS ON WIMPS & BARBIARIANS: Terrence O. Moore’s sequel to his “Wimps and Barbarians” in The Claremont Review of Books is now available at the Claremont Institute’s homepage. (I love the title of that first article—so true! Many men really do fall into either the category of "wimp" or "barbarian.") This second article by Moore certainly helps to present a more complete picture of the problems with young people today—particularly the young men. Both of Moore’s articles are interesting, and I see a great deal of truth in what he is describing.

Although my impressions may certainly be mistaken, I am left with the sense that Moore portrays young women too much as mere reactionaries to the behavior of young men. Much of the ill behavior I see on the part of young men appears to have the full sanction and enthusiastic approval of young women. Indeed, I think it to be the case that a great deal of barbaric and wimpy behavior we see exhibited by young men is accentuated and reinforced by indecent behavior on the part of women (the party-girl stuff, etc.). Perhaps Moore would agree with my assessment here, but I don’t see a recognition that while men and women are both different from one another that we still share a human nature that is depraved. Women share in this equally and bear a serious responsibility for good behavior as well.

This is not to absolve men or excuse them for acting like uncouth slobs or pathetic cowards. Quite the contrary: I merely want to point out that women do have a serious influence on the current state of things. For instance, from my days in higher education I recall that many young women were outspoken proponents of left-liberal relativism. They gave no appearance of being reluctant followers of such ideas, but were active promoters. Barbarians would merely shrug off all the man-hating business or use it to absolve themselves of any responsibility (“You see, I’m just like what they say and can’t do anything about it. Oh well!"). The wimps, on the other hand, who can’t really think or stand up for themselves, respond by acting even wimpier to show that they don’t fit the stereotype and get on the young womens' good side. In the end, the bad behavior of one sex reinforces the bad behavior of the other…

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