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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

ROMANCE NOVEL SUPERSTAR! This morning I ran a Google search on my name, as I like to do every now and again. It's always interesting to see what your name brings up and how many unexpected references you might find to yourself or to some other person with your same name.

In any event, a link to Amazon reveals that one Seth Cooper is the character in romance novel: Ready, Set...Baby!

Here's the Ingram reviewer's short blurb about the book:

When surrogate mother Katie McKay found herself pregnant with twins she unexpectantly had to raise alone, she figured she'd better get them a father--and fast. And although he was a bit footloose, Seth Cooper was already their uncle--why not add "daddy" to the list?

Even better is a sentence from one of the book reviewers:

Enter Seth Cooper, the uncle-to-be to her baby. He is charming and both entered into a marriage of convenience because of the baby she was carrying. They vowed to take care of the baby living inside Kathy's womb. Kathy did feel that Seth was pitying on her and that makes her even more vunerable to Seth.

This is just too darn funny...

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