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Friday, March 19, 2004

MORE MEMOGATE I keep reading snippets here and there about those memos from Sen. Ted Kennedy's office outlining a strategy for opposing and/or delaying various nominees to the federal bench by President Bush. The Washington Times had an article out today, discussing the dismay of some legal scholars as to the questionable strategy recommended in one memo concerning one particular judge and the affirmative action case that was pending before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

For the record, I will state that at various times in my life I've flip-flopped on the issue of affirmative action. At this point I am rather ambivalent as to whether affirmative action policies are constitutionally defensible. Regardless of my own uncertainty on that issue, the approach recommended in the memo being discussed in the Washington Times piece is clearly troublesome, as it represents what would appear to be an attack on the independence of the judicial branch.

I've come to take an interest in this case more generally, and hereby announce that I'm going to do some research on this memo incident, looking at what both sides have to say about it. I'll report back with my findings and views in a later post.

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