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Friday, March 19, 2004

KERRY'S CRASH & BURN: Hugh Hewitt has been all over Sen. John Kerry for his recent snowboarding crash, which he blamed on a Secret Service agent assigned to protect him. Kerry insisted he NEVER falls down, but referred to the agent as the SOB who knocked him over. Of course, Kerry didn't use the abbreviation I've used here...

I'm glad that Hugh has been on this one. Kerry's apparent disdain for one who is out to defend him is disturbing and unbecoming of a candidate for the Presidency. It's the sort of snotty remark you'd expect from one of those upper-class yuppies you see up there on the ski slopes. You know the kind--the ones who drive up their in their fancy SUV's, staying at the top hotels, sipping their latte's at the lodge, showing off their fashionable ski apparel and the latest in expensive snow equipment. Having no use for envy politics, it doesn't necessarily bother me to see someone else with the finer things in life. (After all, maybe one day I'll have accumulated enough so that my ski trips aren't every once in a blue moon and maybe I won't be going up there with mismatched poles, really old ski clothes, and hand-me-down boots and skis.) But what DOES get on my nerve is the elitist attitude exhibit by such people.

Incidentally, Hugh's broadcast today alerted me to an item at Drudge Report on this story. Matt Drudge cites a report that Kerry crashed several times while snowboarding.

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