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Monday, March 08, 2004

KEEPING PEOPLE FROM DOING STUPID THINGS: Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent at Seattle University School of Law, as I was invited to participate on the legislative panel for the Choices Conference. The conference is designed for law students who are interested in exploring various career paths using their legal education. Since my current work often has me serving as a legislative liaison, they asked for my participation. Seeing as Prof. James Bond was moderating the legislative panel, I gladly agreed to give up my Saturday morning for a worthy cause.

A scheduling mix-up caused me to arrive an hour earlier than was required of me, and although it did cause me to lose a precious hour of time to sleep in, it nonetheless enabled me to listen in on the technology panel prior to my own gig. It was an interesting panel on a fascinating, growing area of the law.

The three other members on my own panel clearly outranked me in experience in the working world. One panelist was the chief counsel to Governor Locke, the other two worked for local government. The all seemed to identify with my remark that much of my job simply involves keeping people from doing stupid things. Of course, much of any attorney’s work involves this.

(Columbus, OH)


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