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Monday, March 22, 2004

THE GOODS: Seeing as our Monday has nearly drawn to a close and I've as of yet neglected to post anything, I thought I would share a bit of my weekend. I was all good to go for a date on Saturday night with a girl I was really looking forward to going out with. Well, she essentially stood me up.

That's right. She wouldn't return my messages or calls and so it never went down. Needless to say, that didn't make me especially happy that day. And still no word from her as to an explanation. I don't expect one, nor am I going to ask.

This was all very surprising, particularly since I knew this girl was a zillion times better than Pizza Hut. We had been talking since as early as late November, after all, and so I'd figured it was time to ask her out. My prospective date seemed to have some real sense to her. Indeed, a sense of thoughtlessness.

In any event, this encouraged me to go see The Passion, in order to take my mind off of it all and place it on more important matters. It certainly redirected my attention, to say the least.

By last night, my spirits returned in full, as I watched High Fidelity on DVD. Inspired by the movie and recognizing that the date was to be no big deal in the first place, I contented myself with the fact that she really wasn't quite enough to put me through any kind of real anguish or sense of humiliation. Indeed, getting stood up by her still beats a date with Pizza Hut by a mile!

(North Seattle, WA)


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