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Thursday, February 26, 2004

SU REVIEW: I'm pleased to say that Juliana, the editor of the much distinguished SU Review, just dropped by the Disco office to personally hand-deliver copies of the latest issue, hot off the press.

I'm rather flattered to say that I appear in a small picture on the front cover, standing besides John Rhys-Davies (aka Gimli the Dwarf, aka Sallah, friend of Indiana Jones) for our Disco event with him in January. It was my first gig on security detail, directing audience traffic, watching out for psycho fans, keeping crazies away from the celebrity. Although a little tiring, it was a total blast. Not to mention it was a cool event! The event was based around an informal chat between JRD and film-critic Michael Medved. JRD was truly a gentleman, very interesting to listen to, and kind enough to wait well over an hour after the event to sign autographs and take pictures for EVERYONE who would wait. Michael is always great before an audience, of course. And on top of it all, I've become known to some as Disco's bouncer!

By the way, I have two articles printed in this issue of the SU Review, one of which is my introduction of Professor James Bond for the 2003 Theodore J. Stiles Memorial Award, which we at the Puget Sound Lawyers' Division of the Federalist Society presented to him, back in December. That was another great event, with Judge Michael McConnell of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals giving the keynote address. It was very flattering to be billed on that program, to say the least. The text of my intro for Prof. Bond is available at SU Review Online.


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