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Thursday, February 26, 2004

THE RULE OF BLAH: I recently read an article by John Rosenthal in the Hoover Institute's Policy Review concerning the International Criminal Court (ICC), of which I am thankful that our nation is a not signatory member. The article does much to show the ICC as an EU pet-project, beholden by factions and special interests, and utterly uncommitted to the rule of law as we understand it.

At this point I think it no longer intellectually healthy or stimulating for me to read any more materials that criticize the ICC, as I should instead read more scholarship supporting it. The reason I say this is that at present I really can't think of ANY good reason why the U.S. should put itself under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

Just to be clear, I have no problems with multi-national or international tribunals created on an ad hoc basis to deal with wartime atrocities. We did so after World War II to deal with Nazi war crimes, for instance. But at this point I don't see what benefit would ensue from the creation of a permanent international tribunal that is not available from an ad hoc tribunal, created and tailored for the circumstances.


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