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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

PRYOR IS THE MAN: A nice op-ed by Harvard Law student and Harvard Law Record editor Adam J. White can be found on National Review Online. This article, entitled "Pryor Convictions," is not to be confused with World Magazine Reporter Bob Jones's article, "Pryor Commitment," from September 13, 2003.

White's words really speak to me. Everything I've come to learn about Alabama Attorney General William Pryor shows him to be sharp, responsible and fair-minded man with a temperment and intellect entirely fitting for a federal court of appeals judge. This is exactly why Senators Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer et. al., continue to fillibuster his nomination to the Eleventh Circuit--Pryor would bring too much credit to "conservative" jurisprudence. The left-wing political groups that advise the fillibustering Senators will have none of that.

Then there's this whole business with ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court and that GIANT granite monument to the 10 Commandments and the American Founding. White's article--and particularly Jones's--show how those on the right have unfairly attacked and demonized a man committed to the rule of law.

Its really nothing short of a travesty to see a bright young man have his career of public service side-tracked and potentially undermined by ideologues. The antics from those on the far-left and even some of those on the far-right have only served to further undermine the notion of an independent judiciary that can fairly and impartially interpret the law.


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