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Saturday, February 14, 2004

PAY-ROD TAKES MANHATTAN: Alex Rodriguez is now a New York Yankee. The fact that he was traded from the Texas Rangers comes as no shock, given his astronomical salary. A day’s worth of work for A-Rod in Texas was seemingly worth as much as day’s worth of hunting in the woods by Jed Clampett. But the Texas’ ownership simply didn’t have the black gold to keep making out checks to Pay-Rod while fielding even a marginally successful franchise.

What does surprise me is A-Rod he will be playing third base, alongside Derek Jeter. There was a great shortstop rivalry between A-Rod and Jeter, and I cannot help but see this move as approaching surrender by A-Rod. Think about it: A-Rod never wins a world series whereas Jeter has won several, A-Rod has to leave his miserly team to join Jeter’s, and A-Rod has to change his position in the field in deference to Jeter.

Though it is conceivable that I am way off in all of this, I would have thought A-Rod’s pride too great to move over to third and join the Yankees. Perhaps his desire for a World Series ring is simply too great. We wants the precious!!!


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