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Friday, February 13, 2004

LOCAL KID GOES BENEDICT ARNOLD? A 26 year-old National Guardsman from my hometown of Everett, WA, has been arrested in a sting operation for trying to pass secrets on to al Qaeda. For the record, I never knew Ryan G. Anderson. No, I'm afraid he went to the other high school in Everett, not mine.

The Snohomish County Herald is the local newspaper, whose online edition includes the story. Also, Michelle Mulkin has an article on National Review Online discussing Anderson and some of his e-mail postings on the web.

Back when I was at Seattle University, I drew up a couple editorial cartoons making fun of John "Johnny Jihad" Walker-Lindh, another caucasian American convert to Islam who decided to strike up an alliance with the Axis of Evil and international terrorists. While my cartoons clearly didn't get wide exposure, there was nonetheless a general public ridicule of that poor and pathetic soul. You'd have thought Johnny Jihad's example would have served as a warning. Apparently not.


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