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Monday, February 16, 2004

COOP NERDLY ADMISSION ITEM #2 -- I'm hopelessly addicted to the "Lord of the Rings: Risk" board game! This comes on the heels of my utter defeat by Johnny D earlier in the evening. There has been four or five contests so far between him, myself and my brother-in-law. My chosen color out of the four available choices is red. Commie red. Love red. Whatever. Despite the fact that I have YET to win a single time (and can only serve to underwhelm people by discussing this whole topic), my obsession grows.

Checking through Toys 'R Us, I've come to realize that I own the early or "Fellowship" edition of the game, whereas there is a more recent "Trilogy Edition." I'll simply have to urge one of my two evil adversaries to purchase this newer version, thereby giving us the chance to compare it with the version I own.

As you may well know, a good game of Risk can take several hours. And as the hours pass you realize that you become more and more taken with it. Since it's based on LOTR, you can always throw in some good lines from the trilogy as you're playing, as the situation calls for it. D'oh! This one really sets me up as a sci-fi/fantasy geek.

Just in defense of myself from excessive charges of nerdliness, I'd simply point out that I was doing reps on 255 lbs on the bench press at the gym this morning.


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